About Leo

Leo Santos' Bio


Meet Mr. Santos, a seasoned real estate professional whose journey began in 2002. With unwavering dedication, Leo has focused his real estate practice in the South Florida Real Estate Market, sculpting a remarkable track record of success.


For over two decades, Mr. Santos has orchestrated the seamless negotiation of hundreds of properties across South Florida and its neighboring regions. His portfolio includes the sale of various real estate categories, from Multi-Family Buildings, to Single Family Homes and Condominiums to Villas/Townhomes, Vacant Land acquisitions, Investment Portfolios, and Redevelopment projects.


What sets Mr. Santos apart is his unmatched commitment to his clients' triumph. As a "full-service" Realtor, he places paramount importance on the intricate details that are vital in the transaction process. "The small things matter." From meticulous advertising and scrutinizing buyer qualifications to deft contract negotiations, property inspections, appraisals, title work, and all the intricate steps that pave the way for a successful sale, Mr. Santos unambiguously ensures nothing is left to chance.


The secret behind Mr. Santos' success is elegantly simple: "God, Family, and Real Estate." He firmly believes that by keeping his values in their proper priority, he can laser-focus on each aspect of his life with a clear and concise perspective.


Beyond the world of real estate, you'll find Mr. Santos exploring in the South Florida outdoors, cherishing quality moments with his four children. Whether it's fishing in the Florida Everglades, embarking on boating adventures out in Biscayne Bay, or exploring the enchanting Florida Keys, he knows the importance of balance.


In his role as a real estate professional, Mr. Santos is not just dedicated; he is COMMITTED to your success! Your real estate journey in South Florida deserves expertise and care. Your success is his mission, and he's ready to guide you through the challenges of 2023 in the South Florida real estate market.